The Zombie Outbreak 10 commandments

It has been a while since my last post. I want to apologize for the lack of new articles as of late. I have had some big things in the works. Below are the guidelines to be followed during a zombie outbreak. Consider them the ZA 10 commandments.

1. Do not go to any measures to place yourself in jeopardy to saved loved ones. You aren’t doing a family member or loved one any favors by dying trying to save them. Most likely they have either left their home and went to a remote location if properly trained, or your loved one has become a Zombie. You are either putting your own well being at risk which, your loved ones would not want, or you may have to do dispense your loved ones turned zombie. This is a lose/lose situation. This under these stressful conditions would be very hard on moral. Many people would find it hard to shoot one’s own child or spouse even as a Zombie before being eaten. You should have planned on a rendezvous location. If they do not make it to the destination assume the worse. This should be discussed and alternate plans for redundancy should be made. Logical thought should make you ask the question why they didn’t make it to the predetermined location. The answer is clear. Zombies. If your head isn’t in your ass, than you would follow logical thought which results in understanding something kept them from getting to safety. Getting to them will only result in 2 people now trapped and unable to get to safety.

2. Leave for a remote location immediately. The only exception should be to obtain supplies. Even considering supplies as a necessity unless you have them stored in a location that was an intelligently planned location to begin with it is ill advised. Wal-Mart is a terrible idea, as is a camping or gun store. There will be hoards of undead. You aren’t the only one with a bright idea to go there. It isn’t really bright by the way. You should have prepared with MRE’s, firearms, water purification, and other supplies. They should be at your destination. You should have a “bug out bag” with light travel supplies at your office, house, and in your car. I keep 300 feet of small paracord and a CRKT Lake Design Thunderbolt knife, a fire piston, a solar powered iPhone/battery charger, a camelback bladder, my extra passport and 6 bottles of water & purifying tablets in my work bag just in case shit goes down while I am at work. My thinking is that this should be a pretty standard preparation.

3. Treat your gear well and pack properly. Keep it clean. Keep it sharp. Keep it organized. You don’t have time to run around trying to grab all the things that should have been organized and packed prior to the time you need to call upon them.

4. Travel light. You need to think that you may spend several days walking through rough terrain. A car may not be an option, and also a source of undead. The gear you take then becomes a big consideration. You need to be able to be well ventilated or kept warm depending on conditions, but not at the sake of mobility. If you cannot perform a short sprint or brisk walking uphill with your gear then you need to reconsider what is in that pack.

5. Make peace with dying or being eaten. If you get infected you will want to have the mental resolve to kill yourself. If you cannot kill yourself due to physical hindrance you need to be able to ask others to do so for you calmly and with confidence.

6. Make peace with killing everyone you know if infected. Have an open dialog and complete understanding. The last thing you need is members of a close group arguing and fighting one another rather than Zombies due to emotional attachment. Heated arguments and voices raised can give away position. The last thing you need is a divide among a group during an outbreak.

7. Resolve yourself to only consider rational thinking. Emotions are for persons who put morals first and survival second. Good luck to the compassionate souls. I personally will want my survival not left to prayer or good will. I do not expect to call upon others to shoulder the load for my well being when I am capable of surviving. Allowing an infant child, injured person, or anyone incapable of self preservation to share your location may seem like the compassionate “humane” thing to do. In nature Humans differ from other animals. We as humans allow our weak to breed. We allow our injured who cannot fend for themselves to carry on by means of other’s charity. Nature does not allow these behaviors. This is about survival and not a course on ethics. You must mimic nature if you desire to survive in it. That Rambo shit from the movies is another point that is not logical. You aren’t going to kick ass and take names. You aren’t going to lug around a M60 full machine gun, and the ammo required to make it a useful weapon. It simply is not logical. You do not impress Zombies by being slow and tired from lugging heavy equipment. You would have to expend extra energy that has to be replaced by your food supply ever dwindling food supply. You have to remain practical and tactical. Evasive, silent, invisible, and exacting are goals to strive for. These are logical behaviors given the environment. You can’t waste energy or time. Every movement should be planned deliberate. You need to plan your actions and to then evaluate scenarios that may cause deviation that compromises success. Once your challenges are identified, then take necessary measures to try and minimize or negate them. A baby that begins crying when you are trying to be covert isn’t going to get the child killed. Your poor judgment and inability to detach emotions are going to get the mother, the child, and you the idiot who is abetting them ripped apart while being eaten. There is a reason you are not engaging the Zombies and instead are choosing to use stealth. Your priorities are to preserve yourself and then your species to ensure its survival. You don’t accomplish that by hanging around the dying and crying. They are basically bait, and you want to put a great distance between you and them. From a numbers standpoint you aren’t helping humanity by diminishing your probability of survival. Your obligation is to ensure your own survival, not persons with a low probability of survival. If you wanted to help in the above scenario you would rationalize with the mother that she increases her chance of survival and ensures her child will not become a Zombie and suffer a painful death by taking the life of her child. It is cruel, but realistic. She can use that as further motivation to survive.

8. You need to focus on educating yourself to survive in the wild. You should aspire to become a jack of all trades and master of none. You need to know how to stitch, perform basic surgery, identify what foods are edible in the wild, how to hunt, how to fish(angle), how to live comfortably outdoors when required, how to build, and how to operate a firearm with accuracy, how to perform agricultural based tasks. You get to the point. That is just for starters. If you know what is edible than you can learn to identify vegetation used for common medicines. One skill can parlay into another, but first you need to become a jack to survive outdoors. Cities will be a lasting food bank for Zombies as persons who hid in a well fortified place run out of food and are forced out to scavenge for supplies. The fewer people you encounter is directly proportional to the amount of Zombies you will encounter. The harsher the living condition is for you directly relates to challenges the infected will face. Also, the more competitive the ecosystem is for sustaining life the higher the probability you will not encounter Zombies. They are drawn to the living, so they will gravitate towards more hospitable conditions since it can sustain greater numbers of life.

9. Pick a logical location for your refuge. Consider the above commandments. The location, amount of wildlife/vegetation, other available environmental resources, topographical advantages, climate, shelter, other inhabitants, and travel distance should all factor into your decision.

10. Assess the company you keep carefully. These people will be integral to your survival. Trust should be earned, and not given. You do not know the background of most the people you will encounter. Most likely you will encounter far more “bad” people than good. Think in terms of sheep to wolves. It should not come as a surprise that a Navy Seal or a Hunting guide fairs well in these conditions since they have trained for these challenges. Someone who has lived off the grid for a long period of time could also fair favorably. The problem is this person could be a fugitive from the law and that was why they lived in the woods. You cannot assume anyone does not present a threat to your survival. You could be finding refuge with murderers, torturers, rapists, etc. You must open your eyes and be very astute. You must ask questions that will help identify potential risks. You must educate yourself in identifying deception and using interrogation techniques to obtain information. If you cannot identify a threat then you are an easy target. You must make peace with living alone for long periods if necessary rather than jeopardize security for companionship. Most humans cannot function in a solitary environment, but it may be necessary to survive. A hardened criminal would naturally flourish in a hostile environment because they are accustomed to this lifestyle, so they can adapt easily. You must assess if this person presents a threat to you. If someone was locked up and claimed innocence you must be able to tell if they were defending themselves or habitually wants to kill. If you feel they do like to kill, do they present a threat to you? You must determine if this person sees you as a comrade and Zombies fill their need for predation. Lines go from black and white to grey very quickly. How many people that present a definite threat to you will you kill to ensure your own survival in a Zombie outbreak? Are you that person? I am that bad guy. Compassion and emotions are for the people who will run around crying and praying while a well trained group and I head for the coast to take a cruise ship or large yacht over and make for open waters.

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