if Layne Staley was a Zombie he would rock out

If Layne Staley was a Zombie head would rock out to the new Alice in Chains for sure.  I heard that the new AIC was leaked.  With all the hesitance that should be exhibited by a true fan of AIC, I groaned.  Then I got exited.  Every thing I had read said that this was the bands finest moment.  A triumph.  To overcome the death of such a great front man.  To pull together and just bring perfection and spit in in your face with balls.  Jerry and the crew must be saying “What? You were expecting anything less using the AIC name?!  You fools bow before us!  We have resurrected Layne as a Zombie and he fucking jams to this shit like a redneck to monster truck rallies!” I posted leaked song that should be available shortly on their myspace, which, at that time I will be linking to.  I am so happy that this song is nothing short of true AIC goodness.  RIP Layne.  We are blessed that the new singer had such tall shoes to fill.  I think it pushed him to really understand the band and what every-one’s expectations are.  As for the rest of the band, thank you for staying true, persevering, and working to what you once had.  I will buy this album day one and anyone who doesn’t support these guys after all the hardships and putting out such a great song is a chode.

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